Eric Ortiz Boglio is my real name. Musician, Programmer, Sketcher, Graphic Artist, Photographer, Blogger and Journalist. I’m the guy behind all the noise of Cirex. I was born in Brooklyn, NY 1979 by Puertoricans parents. At the age of 8 my family move to Puerto Rico, land where I was raised and I reborn. After Graduated from High School I spent a year in Florida, US, the when i came back I enrolled the Catholic University to study arts. I’m Fluent on English and Spanish. Know Basic Portuguese and Italian. I was part of the School band playing trumpet for 3 years, experience that teach me how to read and understand music. At the age of 13 I pick up a guitar in Florida and spent several months learning, then i came back to Puerto Rico and kept learning by myself, influenced at that time by Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer.Started to play bass at 18 years old and quickly formed my first band called Feka, in Ponce Puerto Rico. After two years playing underground scene, the band broke up by the parture of the lead singer.2003 I co-founded Neuttro, more serious band that gave me the opportunity to play in multi prestigious shows, record and released a CD that sold in multi-stores, and a lot of fun and experience, on those 4 years with Neuttro.

Cirex, my today’s proyect which i began in 2009 doing some demos myself, instrumental metal, industrial electronic stuff. 2010 with a little more experience, I released “Cirex- The Lab”  my very first album on Amazon among others. Then Ii start experimenting with drum and bass and dubstep sounds which still my trademark label sound to this day.

Who Am I?